Next Event: March 12th 1:30-5:30pm

Infected Event

Join us Saturday March 12 for our "Infected" or "Zombie Infection" event. We're using the low impact 50 caliber paintballs to play round after round of infected. See if you can fight off the zombie horde or you'll have to join them.

All players begin on the human team--all wearing came vests. Only two player begin as zombies, both wearing black vests, and both manually reloading just 3 paintballs at a time.

When a zombie tags a human with a paintball, that human is infected and joins the zombie team by switching his chest protector vest to the black team.

The game doesn't end until all the humans have joined the zombie team. 


Play Infected March 12

We will also play a few games of capture the flag and other group games. Our main event will be the rounds of Infected.


Mini-Paintballs Barely Hurt
Everyone Gets a Chest Protector
Kids as young as 7 can play
Extra fragile Paintballs break easily and hurt less
Scientifically designed for safety
Perfect for Parents

We're at DFWAP!

Wear Long Sleeves and Pants
They Have On-field Netted Spectator Area
You Can Bring Your Own Food and Drinks
Full Concession Stand for Purchases


DFWAP's Party Room - Air conditioned (Rents for $50 an hour. Reserve in Advance)

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