1. What's the best age group?
Smaller paintballs still fly at 200mph, making them perfect for ages 8-12. If you're older you might enjoy being able to get a lot closer to each other than with the big paintballs. If you're ready for the big paintballs then call DFW Adventure Park right away and schedule an outing. (DFW Adventure Park's 2hour packages start at $19.99 per person and include everything you need plus 200 paintballs!)

2. Any special requirements??
Yes. For kids under 13 we require a parent to be on each team either playing or coaching. Coaching is free but playing requires payment. We require parents on each team to help with removing the safety devices prior to starting the game.

3. Will we be a private party?
You will play with just your group. However, usually we share the field with another group. This means that while your team is reloading paintballs and strategizing between games, another team will be playing on the field. The games are 8-12 minutes and teams rotate on the fields.

4. Can we bring food?
You may bring drinks and food. You may order pizza and have it delivered. DFW Adventure Park also has a concession stand. No alcohol on the premises.

5. Does the Birthday Boy or Girl receive anything special?
Our goal is to make sure the birthday boy has the best birthday party out of all his friends. We let the birthday boy help choose how the teams are divided and what side his team will begin on each field. We also let the birthday boy choose the game type.

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